French Directors Rebel At Cannes ’68

Musicians were far from alone in attempting to use culture to express solidarity with the striking students and workers. Here is a video of Nouvelle Vague director François Truffaut reading a statement of solidarity at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 1968 and the ensuing reaction from other filmmakers from Europe.


Materials for Week 7

For Monday, we will be reading Chapter 2 from Drott’s Music and The Elusive Revolution (link for printer-friendly PDF, link for e-reader-friendly PDF). Since it focuses on the responses to the protests in French Chanson, there is an incredibly large number of songs to choose from. As you read, don’t be afraid to send me an email requesting that certain songs be distributed and discussed in class.

For Thursday, we will be discussing the so-called “Arab Spring” with two articles. Here is a link to Kendra Salois’ essay on rap’s role in Jihad on The New Inquiry’s website. For those of you who must read it as a PDF, try this (hint: the website is better). Here is Aaron Bady’s essay (alternative link here) on the role of Western spectators in the “Arab Spring.”

Update: Here is a dropbox link to the music that will be covered in class on Monday. Here is a dropbox link to the music for Thursday.

Update 2: GoogleDrive is being flakey so those procrastinating for Monday are in trouble. Thus: here is the Printer-friendly PDF, and here’s the e-reader friendly PDF