Video Responses to Yesterday’s Class

Yesterday’s discussion on pop-star activism (and earnestness) since the age of MTV inspired some of you to make connections to other artists you like. Here are some video responses:

Comedian Tim Minchin’s, “F*ck The Poor,” is a biting critique of self-serving attitudes towards charity and the poor. Is it satire or is it genuine?

Heavy Metal artists also had their own version of “We Are the World” in Hear N’ Aid’s “Stars”. The chorus, “We are stars,” conveys a very different sentiment than “We are the world.”

Keep ’em coming guys…


Mega-Events and Pop Star Activism


For Thursday, we are reading Reebee Garofalo’s essay, “Understanding Mega-Events: If We Are the World, Then How Do We Change It,” from Rockin’ The Boat: Mass Music and Mass Movements. Apologies again for the strangeness of the PDF. I will replace it with a better PDF if possible. As you read, see if you can connect the tensions at the heart of pop star activism with the broader goal of social change.