Music for Wk 1: Social Change and the Music Industry

As promised, here is a link to the listening for the first week. I have included three multi-artist activist recordings. While “We Are The World” is the most famous of the bunch, there is also “Sun City” and Sean Lennon’s remake of “Give Peace a Chance,” a little-remembered protest of the first Gulf War (the really short, popular gulf war). For many of these multi-artist recordings, it can be a fun game of pop music trivia to figure out whose voice you hear for a verse without seeing the accompanying video.


Mega-Events and Pop Star Activism


For Thursday, we are reading Reebee Garofalo’s essay, “Understanding Mega-Events: If We Are the World, Then How Do We Change It,” from Rockin’ The Boat: Mass Music and Mass Movements. Apologies again for the strangeness of the PDF. I will replace it with a better PDF if possible. As you read, see if you can connect the tensions at the heart of pop star activism with the broader goal of social change.