Women’s Music and Lesbian Separatism

Original Olivia Collective

For next Thursday, we will be reading this chapter by Judith Peraino on homosocial musical communities in the 1970s as well as Cynthia Lont’s chapter from Rockin’ The Boat. Lont’s essay is a good, quick guide to what we’ll be discussing, while Peraino offers a more nuanced analysis through Michel Foucault’s theory of technologies of desire. You don’t need to spend much time on the second half of Peraino’s chapter since we won’t be addressing disco (talk to students who took Music and the Global Metropolis). Here is a link to the music.

The first time I heard this music back when I was in college, it made me and my fellow classmates cringe. Keep in mind the broader set of political and social circumstances that drove these feminists to take on the separatist strategies and positions that they did.


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