Punk, Riot Grrrl, Queercore etc.

For the last full week of classes, we’ll be discussing punk music’s engagements with political movements in the U.S. and England. For Monday, we’ll be reading this essay by Kevin Dunn from an edited collection on Music and Human Rights as well as Simon Frith and John Street’s essay on Rock Against Racism in Rockin’ The Boat. These readings should prove especially resonant for those of you covering a punk-related artist for your final projects. For Thursday, we’ll be discussing Riot Grrrl, third-wave feminism, and queercore. I know I mentioned Elizabeth Keenan‘s work in class today, but I’d like to reiterate that she’s the unique ethnomusicologist who is also at home doing historical work. We’ll be reading Keenan’s article (UPDATED link here) on pop music and third-wave feminism in addition to this article on queercore.

I’ll be posting the listening for next week tomorrow. UPDATE: Here is the music for this week. It was stupidly difficult to pick tracks, and I look forward to this week’s discussion.


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